Initial impressions of NBC’s Powerless

Originally posted to Facebook on 2/13/17

Soooooo……Powerless. I’m trying to put into words my opinion of this show. The premise is good. Sort of Better Off Ted but set in the DC Comics universe. And the performances are good. But in these first two episodes, the writing just isn’t good enough. To the point where it feels like they are trying to make the most accessible, broad comedy they can. It all falls sort of flat, and while there have been a few funny moments, nothing has made me laugh out loud (especially having just come off of rewatches of greats like Arrested Development and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia). I really hope it starts to tighten up and find its voice soon, especially since I will be watching each week regardless because it is a comic book related show starring Alan Tudyk and Danny Pudi. Come on, that’s basically targeted right at me. I’m just saddened to discover that if they are going to target me so specifically, they aren’t bothering to focus on the writing.

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