New mid-season shows

Originally posted on Facebook on 2/17/17

Sam’s thoughts on TV shows (since there’s nothing else to do while I’m sick).

Holy shit, Powerless.

I was really hoping that show would find its groove soon after its first 2 episodes were middling at best, but I never expected the turnaround to be so quick. Episode 3 was very good. It really hit the tone I was wishing for (Better Off Ted with superheroes). Not only was the tone and comedy world’s better, but we finally began to learn about the characters. Danny Pudi is still one of the least developed, but that’s ok, because every generic line he is given he plays up with an Abed-esque devotion to camp. Alan Tudyk’s ‘Van Wayne’ character was allowed to shine some and show that he is not just the “buffoon boss” trope, and actually does things right (in amidst his buffoonery). Overall a very solid episode that I hope will open the door to more great episodes to come.

On the other end of the TV spectrum is APB, a cop show with a twist. The show follows a billionaire industrialist engineer (totally not Tony Stark) who, after a tragic accident (again, not Tony Stark) decides to put his good looks, charm, and most importantly wealth and gadgetry towards helping the people of his city (ok, he’s basically a rip off of Tony Stark). But rather than building a suit like his clear inspiration did, this character decides (though tv hand-waving) to privatize a police district in a rough area of Chicago. Upgrading this squad with top notch gear and equipment, and giving it’s citizenry free access to the titular APB smartphone app, he sets off to clean up these streets. He uses several “inventions of the week” and his close partnership with one of the detectives who gives him lessons from how cops operate without resorting to high tech gadgets.

Overall, I felt that the show had an interesting premise, and 2 episodes in, I feel it delivers on that. Not unlike the early seasons of Person of Interest (I comment only in the early seasons, since that’s all I’ve seen, through no fault of the show), it starts off strong and hits the ground running. The dialogue can be a little rote sometimes (especially when they get into technobabble), but the main character is as charming as can be in this role (or at least how charming someone who isn’t RDJ can be), and the tech is fun to watch in action. I’m hooked so far, and will likely continue to be as long as the little flaws get ironed out over time and don’t become gateways to larger issues.

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