Daredevil Re-Watch Early Thoughts

Originally posted to Facebook on 7/24/17

Wow. I’m rewatching Daredevil and there was a great moment I never considered before. Karen is talking to Matt about his blindness, and she asks if he remembers what it’s like to see. He says yes, and that he’s supposed to say that he doesn’t miss it, that he learned in trauma recovery to define yourself by what you have, value the differences and all that. And as he’s saying this, it’s almost by rote, like he knows this is how to explain to people that he can’t see like he’s done many times before. And it’s important to remember that due to his powers he can, for all intents and purposes, see. As long as something is moving or making noise. But then his tone changes as he adds, “but, I’d give anything to see the sky one more time”

Oftentimes when talking about Matt Murdoch, it’s an easy joke that he’s a blind man who has the superpower to see, and that his blindness is just an act he keeps up for appearances, without many real implications outside of reading text. But this moment really sells how much he really does miss having true sight, because things like the sky are things he will never see again, despite his impressive superpowers.

Goddamn this is a great show, and Charlie Cox delivers a beautiful and nuanced performance every step of the way. I’m even more excited for this re-watch now.

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