Jessica Jones Re-Watch part 3

Originally posted on Facebook on 7/29/17

I will talk more in depth about Kilgrave once I finish the series, but there is something I want to point out about both Jessica Jones and season 1 of Daredevil. (No major spoilers)

Episode 8

That’s how long each of these shows take before devoting an episode to the villain.

I’ve heard criticism of both of these shows (all the Netflix Marvel series’ actually), that say they have pacing problems. I couldn’t disagree more. I absolutely love how suspenseful each of these shows are as they never rush to reveal the villains hand. We know they are bad, we know how they are affecting the heroes. But it takes 7 hours of show before they finally reveal the *why*. Why are these characters the way they are.

And there is a very good reason for that wait. If they showed these characters’ back story any earlier, then we might sympathize with them too much. These are deep, complex characters. If they had equal screen time up front, a good chunk of the audience might be more forgiving of their actions. But it’s important to know that despite their histories, these are men who are performing evil deeds. What makes them scary is that once you know them better, you see how easy it would be to go down their path. The shows make you understand how a person gets to where they are. And that knowledge makes it much harder to condemn their actions.

But they should be condemned. A reason for being the way they are is not an excuse for being the way they are. These shows prey on the viewers’ empathy to get them to question how they feel about evil men, and that is an incredible accomplishment. Even if your opinion of them doesn’t change (as it probably shouldn’t), the fact that the writers can make you step back and question the beliefs you held is a remarkable feat.

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