Daredevil Season 2 Re-Watch, Part 2

“There’s only room for one of us in this prison, and it ain’t gonna be you.”


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“Seven Minutes in Heaven”, episode nine of Daredevil’s second season, is another one of those singular episodes that I just have to rave about.

Ironically, the parts I love most about this episode don’t feature our main protagonist Matt Murdock at all. Instead, I want focus on the supporting characters. The two scenes I want to talk about are the opening sequence with Wilson Fisk, and the Punisher hallway fight.

“I’m the kingpin of this bitch”

For fans like me who went into this season originally thinking the stories would only revolve around Elektra and The Punisher, Wilson Fisk was a welcome surprise. After his reveal in the last episode as Frank Castle finds his way into prison, this episode opens on a 10 minute flashback sequence of sorts. We watch as Wilson Fisk enters the prison after his fight with Daredevil at the end of last season and see him use his connections on the outside to slowly build up power within the prison. Based on nothing but my own memory, I am pretty sure that this is by far the longest cold open of the series, all taking place before the opening credits.

In a season that has largely lacked “schemers”, this sequence provided a bit of fresh air as we watch Fisk make plans and utilize people and resources to climb back on top. Wilson Fisk is caged, but he is far from stopped. If anything, this will give him an even stronger tie to the city’s criminal element and make him a true force to be reckoned with once he emerges.

This sequence was not only engaging to watch, but also executed very well. I absolutely love how it ends in the same scene that we saw at the end of the last episode, only this time with the shot reversed, seeing the scene now from Fisk’s point of view rather than Castle’s as it was originally. It’s little touches like that which make me love these Netflix Marvel shows.

This sequence is followed up by a great scene as Fisk tries to recruit Frank Castle to do his dirty work. Frank’s disgust at a criminal like Fisk is clearly visible, but Fisk knows just how to push Frank’s buttons to get him to seek out vengeance on a man that Fisk happens to also want out of the picture. Frank is reluctant, but can’t help but pursue his quest for revenge.

“Cell 305. A room with a view. Seven minutes, and that’s it.”

Which brings us to the second “hallway fight” of the series. First off, it would be so easy for these scenes to just be added for fan service and to continue the running bit. But the writers continue to find good justifications for their inclusion, which is fine by me.

This scene is brutal. One of the bloodiest scenes in this entire series. And that’s largely because we are not dealing with the ol’ Catholic boy Matt Murdock. No, we are dealing with Frank Castle. And like he explained to Matt up on that rooftop in episode 3, he is not a man of half-measures. So far, we’ve only really seen Punisher either taking out enemies from afar with guns, or fighting them non-lethally due to either fighting Daredevil who he doesn’t want to kill, or because he was fighting alongside Daredevil who was keeping him in check.

But now, he is truly unleashed. We have seen fight scenes set up like this many times in the series so far featuring Daredevil. Many opponents and fighting hand-to-hand is what this series has been all about. So this fight serves as showing us a dark reflection of Daredevil. This fight is as unrestrained as it is brutal. It shows us what Daredevil would be capable of if he wasn’t kept in check by his strong moral code. And in that way, this scene actually manages to tell us more about Daredevil than it does about Punisher. We already know Punisher is violent and unrelenting, but by putting him in a situation that we’ve seen Daredevil in so many times, it lets us properly see the contrast between the two. (speaking of contrast, you can see Punisher’s skull logo made out of blood on his chest at the conclusion of the scene. A nice little touch.)

“You see, when I’m finally let out of this cage it won’t be to wage war. It will be to win one.”

The later scene where Fisk faces down Castle again and then gets him released is also a great one. Furthering Fisk’s machinations while showing that Frank, while taking advantage of the alignment of his and Fisk’s goals, is still ready to take Kingpin down as soon as he gets a chance.

I will cover more of Fisk’s growth and the rest of the season in a future post. I just had to geek out a little over these two fantastic scenes.

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2 thoughts on “Daredevil Season 2 Re-Watch, Part 2

  1. I think I may be going about my Marvel enjoyment incorrectly. I would probably enjoy each episode a little more if I read what you had to say about it before I watch said episode. Obviously this speaks to your talents as a story teller/reporter as much as it does my deficits. It’s as though I’m watching the episode again…though better eyes. I did also notice the punisher logo on his shirt…pretty cool.


  2. I don’t think there is an incorrect way to enjoy something. It’s more about looking at different perspectives to see things more completely. Since my background is in theatre and editing, I care a lot about performances, subtext, themes, and flow. But there are also people who I’m sure could look at these shows and talk about their score, or the cinematography, or story structure.

    Film is a wonderful art form because of the massive amount of different skill sets that go into it. And the best movies and shows are the ones that make sure to put thoughtful consideration into every aspect of it.

    By reading about stuff I see, or reading about what other people saw. That, to me, is exactly the right way to appreciate something. Everyone sees something different, and the more opinions and perspectives you hear the more complete you’ll see the product.

    That might be the most pretentious sounding thing I’ve written, but it’s how I view media. And why talking about the things I like, either online or in person, is the best part about it.


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